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What Immortal?

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What Immortal?

Reflections of Youth 




“What Immortal?”
by Khadija Snowber, Aqsa School

They say it takes a skeptic to question what is given to them,
And it takes a soulless person to follow anything
But it takes a person of faith to believe in something more than what is given to them

Why is it that when we question the question that has never been told?
Only to find answers in which our eyes behold
Something more to bear
Something greater to honor
When all that we’ve honored and bared was for the sake of nothing’s despair

When we weep, we weep of goodbyes
When we speak we speak only of lies
With all this deceit we are running with blood on our knees
Feeling the shame of losing the game
But when the game is done,
We only realize we’ve just begun
To embark on this journey that we think will last
Even though our lives are a literal, ticking hourglass
When the sand is gone
Where will we be?
In the light of our prayers
Or in the sound of our sleep

How can you measure what you never knew you could?
When all you have left is an object of no good
You’re life is ticking
Seconds to days
How can we live past this “immortal” haze?