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Ways to Donate to the Mosque Foundation

Friday 12/04/2020. There will be only one Friday Prayer online at 12:00 PM on Mosque Foundation Facebook Page

Ways to Donate to the Mosque Foundation


Website: online by credit card at

Phone: over the phone by credit card at 708-430-5666

Mail: by mailing a check payable to Mosque Foundation to the address below

Zelle: by sending money on Zelle to (instructions below)

Facebook: On Facebook by credit card or PayPal at

May Allah accept your Sadaqa in this blessed month

Mailing Address:
Mosque Foundation
7360 W. 93rd St.
Bridgeview, IL 60455

How to Donate to the Mosque Foundation with Zelle

  • Add the ‘Mosque Foundation’ to your contact list with the email
  • Log in to your mobile banking app, or download and enroll in Zelle app through your email or mobile number.
  • Open Zelle, select ‘Send’, then search for
  • Enter the amount you want to donate (maximum amount depends on your bank)
  • Review and confirm the amount you are sending

The Mosque Foundation receives your donation in minutes, fully secure, and at no cost to you or the Masjid. When donating via Zelle, please indicate what your donation is for.