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The Mosque Foundation During the COVID-19 Crisis

Friday Prayers will be at 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm…May Allah accept your worship.

The Mosque Foundation During the COVID-19 Crisis

The Mosque Foundation During the COVID-19 Crisis

Respected Community Members,
Assalamu Alaikum
The Mosque Foundation is rising to the challenges we are facing by offering religious, educational, and social-emotional programming.

  • Conducting our Al-Siddiq and MFCC weekend classes online, in addition to the Quran memorization program—hundreds of students continue to learn
  • Livestream DAILY programs throughout Ramadan for men and women as well as Jumu’ah Khutbah. Click here for the full lineup.
  • Youth-led program via Instagram
  • Daily youth program (Ramadaniyat) via Mosque Foundation Facebook page every day at 6:30 pm by Sh. Ahmad Arafat and Jameel Karim
  • Increased online presence during Ramadan by our Imams and Um al-Baraa, to help you achieve the closeness to Allah that you are accustomed to during this blessed month—including LIVE daily lessons by Sh. Jamal Said
  • Athan for the five prayers continues to be called and held daily for Mosque Foundation staff members
  • Maintenance and remodeling of our Masjid and grounds continue
  • Attentive answering of your Islamic and personal counseling questions and concerns daily by phone and email
    Support hunger prevention for our neighbors in need by distributing meals and food necessities at our Community Food Pantry; providing food to approximately 390 needy families every week.
  • Zakat financial assistance provided to individuals in dire need. Over 900 needy individuals, so far, received Zakat assistance from the Mosque Foundation during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
  • Assisting essential workers by donating 400 N95 masks to the Bridgeview Police Department, 1,500 N95 masks to Advocate Christ Center in Oak Lawn, and 1,000 to Palos Community in Palos Hills
  • Delivered hot meals to the medical staff at Christ Hospital as a token of appreciation

We depend on Allah (ﷻ) first and foremost, and then on your help. Before COVID-19, every week, thousands of worshippers entered through our doors and donated toward operational costs and maintenance. COVID-19 may have shut our doors, but do not let it close your hearts.

To support our efforts, please donate online here or call us for other ways to donate at (708) 430-5666