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Spend Part of Your Ramadan Day with Quran Tafsir

Eid Mubarak! Wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid

Spend Part of Your Ramadan Day with Quran Tafsir

This Ramadan, the Mosque Foundation will hold a special Tafsir class with Sh. Ali Mashhour. The class will take place in the men’s prayer hall every day for about forty minutes after ‘Asr prayer, and will have individualized time after the lecture for dhikr (remembrance of Allah), until Maghrib athan. The class is open to the community and streamed live on our Facebook page TheMosqueFoundation

The objective of the class is to collectively designate time from our fasting each day to contemplate verses from the Quran in a guided and structured manner. The class will be presented in Arabic with English translations of surat Yusuf.
Sh. Ali encourages community members to attend this program so as to build a stronger bond with our faith and end our day on a spiritual note. For more information, you may email .