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Qiyam Led by Our Youth Huffaz

Eid Mubarak! Wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid

Qiyam Led by Our Youth Huffaz

In 2013, the Mosque Foundation and the Muslim American Society (MAS) created a unique Quranic Hifz (English) program where students not only memorize the Quran but learn the meaning behind the recitation. The goal is to produce quality Quran teachers who are secure in their faith and qualified to lead the next generation. This Ramadan of 2019, the program is flourishing with 36 students, 10 of whom are females. Classes are led by Ahmed Alsheikhi and Moath Alshanti, in the Mosque Foundation Education Center (MFEC).
As part of the Mosque Foundation’s Ramadan prayer schedule during these last ten blessed nights, we have Qiyam at 2:30 am led by six Huffaz from the program. They are: Ibrahim Salah, 20, Salem Abuammer, 20, Mallek Nahhas, 21, Ahmad Kawji, 20, Sharaf Atwa, 21, and Mohammed Zahdan, 20.
As you can see, these young men have dedicated their time to learn the book of Allah and are putting their training to practice. Not only are they spending a significant amount of time with their loyal mentors to learn the Quran, but these young men are also full-time higher education students. They are on their way to becoming leaders in their respective fields of medicine, engineering, education, and so on. May Allah continue to bless and guide them and their families.

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