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Prophet Adam (part one)

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Prophet Adam (part one)

Kifah MustaphaProphets and messengers were sent to humanity with a unified message to call people to believe in one God, worship Him alone, secure people’s benefits and focus on ethics that reflect on the quality of life. But at the same time they were different in relation to the environment and the needs of the people to whom they were sent. For example, Prophet Shu’ayb (AS) reminded his people not to lessen the measure in commerce or falsify the balance in trade. (Quran 11:84). Prophet Lot (AS) reminded his people of the unethical act of homosexuality. (Quran 7:80). Prophet Moses (AS) worked to free his people from slavery (Quran 28:5/6).

The story of Adam (AS) is different in the way that it relates to each one of us because it is the story of humanity and its purpose in life, struggle in survival and the choices to be made that will make humans liable in front of God on the Day of Judgment.

Discussion before creation

In many verses about the creation of Adam (AS,) Allah (SW) used His attribute (Al-Rabb) or Lord, when telling angels of His will. {Your Lord said to the angels: Indeed, I will create a human being} 15:28, {Behold! Your Lord said to the angels: Indeed I am creating a human being} 38:71. This is reminder to all humans of the creator Allah (SW), and if people submit to this truth that Allah (SW) is the Lord and humans are the slaves and servants, life will be on the straight path of righteousness for them. We need not to forget that the first verse revealed to prophet Mohammad (SAAW) mentioned God and used His attribute (the Lord) to bring all verses after that based on this truth {Read, [O Prophet] in the name of your Lord who has created} 96:1.

Why would the Lord discuss the creation of Adam with His angels? Scholars had many interesting answers. Imam Zamakhshari said: “So angels would ask the question of the purpose of such creation and Allah (SW) would answer and show His wisdom in such creation.”[1] Imam Al-Aloosi said: “So angels would be introduced to Adam and know of his honor.”[2] Imam Ibn Katheer said: “So Allah (SW) would remind humans of the honor that they were mentioned in the Heavens prior to their creation.”[3]

Now knowing that our beginning started by the will of Allah (SW) and with a discussion with the pure creations of Allah (angels,) it brings tranquility to our souls for we see how God the Almighty honored us. If we also knew that God (SW) created Adam (AS) by His hand, ordered angels to bow down in respect to him and taught him all he needed to know (as a human) to survive, we see nothing but honor and mercy from God being bestowed on us which should make us grateful and in a continuous state of worshiping Him (SW) all our lives.

The origin is clay

When Satan refused to bow down to Adam, he defended his refusal by comparing the origin in creation between himself being created from fire and Adam being from clay, claiming that fire is of better origin! {[God] said [to him]: what has prevented you from bowing [your face] down to the ground when I commanded you? He said: I am better than him! You created me of fire, and You created him out of mud} 7:12. Imam Tabari explained how wrong that comparison was by saying: “Satan made a mistake, for it is known that the origin of fire is being light, loose and rising up, and any such origin will lead to arrogance and act in incitement on the orders of God thus leading him to destruction. And it is known that the origin of clay is of sobriety, calmness, forbearing and verification, and such an origin will lead to repentance from mistakes and seeking forgiveness from the Lord.”[4] Imam Qurtubi said: “Fire is the tool for pain and mud is not, and mud is a tool of cleansing while fire is not.”[5]

Different types of clay!

Between the Quran and Sunnah we read many references to the types of clay from which Adam was made: Clay [Teen] 32:7; Dry clay [Salsaal] 15:26; Aged black mud [Hama’ Masnoon] 15:26; Cohering clay [Lazib] 37:11; Dust [Turab] 3:59.

This mix in the types of clay in the origin reflects the nature of Adam and his sons (humans). The Prophet (SAAW) said: “Allah (SW) created Adam from a handful grasp of all earth. Sons of Adam came (different) of such earth. Of that came the red, white, black and everything in between, and the smooth and the sad and the filthy and the pure.”[6]

It is from this origin for humans that made life on earth balanced between the components of earth which relate directly to our origin. This connects to our mission on earth as servants of God in a status of successors to steward the earth in whatever pleases Allah (SW).

The spirit the soul

Allah (SW) says in the Quran: {Behold! Your Lord said to the angels: Indeed, I am creating a human being out of mud. So when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My [life-giving] spirit, then fall [to the ground], bowing} 38:71/72.

Here are some facts about the spirit that we need to learn and know:

    1. The spirit is not a part of God! In many verses Allah used the term (of God) or (from God) like: {And He has subjugated for you all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth- all of it from Him} 45:13. This is a reference of honor. For example {this is God’s (she) camel} 11:64 or {purify My house} 22:26.
    1. The spirit is an entity by itself but in a status that we do not know of. Allah (SW) said: {The spirit [of life] is of the affair of my Lord alone} 17:85.
  1. The term spirit used in other verses referred to the angel Jibreel. {The trustworthy spirit [Jibreel] descends with its verses} 26:193.

Sh. Kifah Mustapha

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Sh. Kifah Mustapha