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Once I Was

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Once I Was

Reflections of Youth

Once I Was
By Sanah Parvez, Aqsa School

Once I was a blade of grass, wild and untrimmed.
Once I was an orange-hued sunset, stunning, but dim…
Now I am a refreshing Spring stream,
A lovely, inspiring dream.
A girl with a head to believe and… Achieve.
Once I was an emerald leaf turned, falling, falling
To the forest floor.
Once I was the deep ocean unlearned, diving,
Unarmed into the depths of the Earth’s hot core.
Once I was a shooting star, a wish longing to be
Now I am a galaxy beyond, a pebble skipping across a pond,
The salmon, pink sky when morning has dawned…
Once I was a clear waterfall,
Drowning out surrounding sounds with a ROAR.
Once I was an unblinking Mud Frog,
Unsure if my life was in a pond or by the shore.
Once I was a newly hatched bird,
Destined to fly but not yet ready to soar…
Now I am your vision on a living display,
The future you wished for as you prayed.