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Ode to a Beating Piece of Flesh

First Friday Prayer is at 12:30pm. Second Friday Prayer is at 2:00pm

Ode to a Beating Piece of Flesh


Oh you piece of flesh

That nourished my body with your soul

Money cannot fix you

And doctors may operate on you,

But they can’t cleanse you from tiny black dots

Black dots that have dyed your crimson red color into

A black abyss

Nor can they physically clean your sins

That is why I repent

To the One and Only

The All Hearing, All Knowing,

Most Forgiving, Most Merciful and Compassionate

Oh piece of tissue

Inshallah may you one day enter the gates of Jannah

And find yourself in eternal contentment

Beat to the words of Allah (SWAT)

And you’re washed with the musk of humility and bravery

You are not just an organ in which vitality flourishes from

You are not tough like weeds or hard as steel in your emotions,

But soft to the touch and smooth like water with its purity intact

9.5 oz, but your value is not measured in the ounces of flesh, but in the pounds of deeds

Oh tranquil heart,

Find yourself at ease with the words of your Lord

And He’ll not only put you to into the deepest of sleeps



By Khadija Snowber    Aqsa School