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New Muslim Dinner

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New Muslim Dinner

On Saturday, June 8, 2019, the Mosque Foundation held an annual Eid dinner for new Muslims and their families. New Muslims are an integral part of our Mosque Foundation community and it is incumbent upon us to welcome and support them in any way we can. Ruth Saleh, a longtime member of the Mosque Foundation community is now also a longtime Muslim, but she recalls the loneliness and isolation she felt when she first converted to Islam. “As a young person who comes from a long line of traditional Mexicans, it was truly a life-changing decision I made over 30 years ago to leave my non-Muslim culture behind and embrace Islam,” she said. Ruth is confident and secure in her decision, but nonetheless, understands the need for community centers to rally around new Muslims.


Our New Muslim Eid Dinner was packed with over 200 diverse attendees which included African Americans, Latinos, Caucasians, Philipinos, and others. The event was held at Universal School. President Oussama Jammal delivered the opening remarks, while Sh. Ali Mashhour gave a short talk. The rest of the time was spent enjoying dinner catered by Al-Bawadi restaurant and socializing with new and old friends. Children got henna tattoos and laughed with the entertaining clown. For some of the attendees, both Muslim and non-Muslim, this was one of their first times associating with the Masjid and experiencing the acceptance and support of a welcoming community that encourages them to take part in activities.


We look forward to continuing the tradition of highlighting minority Muslim communities and encouraging new Muslims to participate in programs and events.