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Men’s Friday Tajweed Class

First Friday Prayer is at 12:30pm. Second Friday Prayer is at 2:00pm

Men’s Friday Tajweed Class

The Mosque Foundation invites men ages 16 and up to join a Friday Tajweed Class with Brother Adil Berdai. This free class takes place on the first floor (back hall) of the Masjid after Maghrib prayer during the summer months, and after Isha prayer during the winter months.

This program began in October of 2018 as a way to help men build knowledge and skills of the Quran to become lifelong reciters of the Holy Book. The program is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level takes about four months (80 hours) to complete, after which each student is assessed in his mastery of the material.

Before beginning this tajweed program, men should already be adept in the Arabic language and able to read from the Quran. Most of the attendees are ages 30 and up, but men as young as 16 are encouraged to attend and benefit.

The beginner level introduces the rules of tajweed and tilawah. By the end of four months at this level, students should have a firm grasp of tilawah of the last 5 chapters of the Quran, and memorize hizb 60.

The intermediate course builds upon the skills learned in the beginner course, with a more vigorous emphasis on tajweed. By the end of this level, students should perfect their tilawah of 7 chapters of the Quran from surat al-Furqan to surat al-Jathiya, and memorize hizb 59.

The advanced course finalizes the teaching of all the rules of tajweed with full command of tilawah for the first 18 chapters of the Quran.

New students are encouraged to contact Brother Adil at to inquire about registration, or if they have any general questions.