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Join the 30 Year Sisterhood Every Wednesday

First Friday Prayer is at 12:30 PM. Second Friday Prayer is at 2:00 PM

Join the 30 Year Sisterhood Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm, women of all ages are welcome to join a free, one hour class with Um al-Bara. The class is conducted in Arabic in the women’s section of the Masjid.

As one of the longest-running programs, this class has been taking place year-round for over 30 years to benefit women and build a strong sisterhood in a respectful and caring learning environment based on the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Some of the benefits of the class include attaining the blessings of the circles of knowledge, learning akhlaq (Islamic manners), self-discipline, enjoining good and forbidding evil, and forging a sense of sisterhood.

Sister Um al-Bara reminds us that seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim. This weekly class is offered as a regular space for women to learn at a steady pace so they can apply this knowledge in their daily lives and immediately share it with their families.

For those interested in the program or have questions, you may contact  Sister Um al-Bara at: