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IG-Night Kick-Off Event a Huge Success for Our Youth April 26, 2019.

Eid Mubarak! Wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid

IG-Night Kick-Off Event a Huge Success for Our Youth April 26, 2019.

IG-Night, which stands for, “Islamic Guidance,” is a program created for the emerging Muslim youth of our community to revive their faith and be proud of their identity. The motto is, “Knowledge is the light which dispels darkness.”

At the kick-off event in Universal School this past weekend, the program began with Quran recitation and translation by our very own youth, then we introduced the IG-Night program and our youth leaders. Our four guest speakers each addressed the youth with their unique perspectives: Oussama Jammal spoke about the Mosque Foundation support and gave key advice, Deena Kishawi discussed her journey as a Muslim American and reassured the youth that they can achieve their goals, Tariq Musleh spoke about the essence of IG-Night and how to shine the light through our lives and the remembrance of Allah, and Sh. Ali Mashhour spoke about preparing for Ramadan.

During the entertainment portion, several youths showcased their talent. These were: Ayesha Affaneh (spoken word), Mohammed Zweiy (live art), and Ameer Saleh (rap). We also displayed the art of fellow youth in the community. Finally, the event concluded with raffles.

Attendees, which consisted of an even male/female ratio, gave great feedback, enjoyed the program, and look forward to future events. Many were posting on social media and engaging with one another–truly capturing the idea of becoming one community and one family.

Future events are scheduled for the second Saturday of every month at the Harlem Center. Our next event will be Iftar at MFCC on May 9th, with an entry fee of $9. On June 8th, we are planning a trip to Six Flags.

IG-Night is a program that is led by the youth for the youth along with the guidance of MFCC representatives. One of the youth leaders, Sarah Kiswani says, “Sometimes we do not give the youth enough credit. They can achieve so many things when given the opportunity and support. We ensure that youth voices will be heard without any form of judgment. May Allah guide them to feeling comfortable as Muslims in America.”

All area high school Muslim students are encouraged to attend and participate in future events so as to strengthen their faith, connect with other Muslim students, enrich their community outreach, and enjoy a comfortable environment where they can feel safe and supported.