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I Am the Tree

First Friday Prayer is at 12:30pm. Second Friday Prayer is at 2:00pm

I Am the Tree

colorful treeI Am The Tree

By Manar Daghash   Aqsa School

My roots are surrounded beneath the Earth’s surface

Muslim, Palestinian, daughter, sister and friend

My Leaves, the fruits of Life, are the Legacies

I leave the World to live on after

I leave my thoughts, my innovations,

My dreams, my passions

My Bark, the strong stance of a Leader ready to change the world

The rings that are in the inside of my core; few in number but increasing

As precious time passes, tick-tock

Symbols of life’s obstacles and hurdles, as they increase

My bark gets thicker, solidifying my stance

I am the tree…

Proud, blessed, ready to take from the Earth and give it back


heart-treeI Am The Tree

By Amal Mir    Aqsa School

I am the tree

Social as a butterfly

Waving to the people below

Proud as a peacock

Standing tall with my head held high

Loyal as a dog

My roots firm in the ground

Colorful as a flamingo

Vibrant hues mix together in my leaves

Louder than a lion

My leaves rustling in the howling wind

I am the tree