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Enter My World

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Enter My World

Reflections of Youth

Enter My World
By Malak Afaneh, Nichols Middle School

A gust of wind blows my scarf,
The car window rolled down
The sun frying me,
Its blinding light angry, unable to reach me
A large sign passes me by,
The words, Welcome to Bridgeview,
Flashing a thousand, a million times.
Big, black, bolded
Emphasizing its importance, a hidden meaning,
Of the word “Home”, of belonging to a widespread community.
The strong smell of spices envelops me,
As women, girls, and teens walk by,
Their heads wrapped in a mix of colors and sizes, styles and pins
Women, girls, and teens just like me,
Who bear the trademark cloth of my religion.
The diverse patterns of fabrics smile back at me,
Fluttering happily and cheerfully
The length of my strength a mile long
I dispose an armful of harmful thoughts
From my mind,
Exhilarated to share my secret, my duty,
With millions of women worldwide.