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Lailtul Qader

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17th of May 2020

Lailtul Qader

1st of May 2020


How to Donate to the Mosque Foundation with Zelle Add the ‘Mosque Foundation’ to your contact list with the email Log in to your mobile banking app, or download and enroll in the Zelle app through your email or mobile number. Open Zelle, select ‘Send’, then search for Enter the amount you want to donate (maximum […]

27th of April 2020

Muslim Charities Need Your Support this Ramadan to Assist Struggling Families

  For over thirty years, the Mosque Foundation has been hosting nonprofit organizations every night of Ramadan to raise funds from our generous community. Your support has touched the lives of countless families locally, nationally, and globally. The projects you have supported include educational initiatives, civic fellowship, strengthening other Masajid, feeding the hungry, housing the […]

24th of April 2020

Live Ramadan Lessons

Ramadan Programs

23rd of April 2020

Facebook Live

22nd of April 2020

إعلان شهر رمضان والعيد 

  إعلان شهر رمضان والعيد تعلن مؤسسة الجامع بناء على قرار مجلس الفقه لأمريكا الشمالية ان يوم الجمعة ٤/٢٤ هو اول ايام شهر رمضان المبارك وعليه فصلاة التراويح تبدا يوم الخميس، لكنها ستكون في بيوتكم بسبب مرض كورونا. كما تعلن ان يوم الأحد ٥/٢٤ هو يوم عيد الفطر المبارك. نسال لنا ولكم القبول. Ramadan Announcement  […]

20th of April 2020


14th of March 2020

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2nd of March 2020

coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to spread, and the headlines this week point toward a likely rise in cases in the western hemisphere. Dozens of countries continue to report new cases. Two deaths occurred in the US so far. The number of patients may increase if the pattern in other countries is repeated. As a […]