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And Do Not Conceal Testimony

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8th of February 2014

And Do Not Conceal Testimony

My message to you is an urgent reminder of the importance of giving testimony in Islam and the gravity of bearing witness to what is true and just. This advice comes in light of a tragic rise in our community’s unresolved conflicts rooted in bearing false testimonies. These testimonies destroy livelihoods, marriages, and families. Allah […]

4th of January 2014

Establishing Prayer

  Establishing Prayer Most of the acts of worship were ordained by Allah (SW) to His Prophet (PBUH) on earth but Prayer. For the importance of Prayer (Salah), Allah (SW) had His messenger (PBUH) ascend to Him, and the order to establish five daily prayers came directly from Him (SW) during the trip of Isra […]

3rd of December 2013

Prophet Adam (part one)

Prophets and messengers were sent to humanity with a unified message to call people to believe in one God, worship Him alone, secure people’s benefits and focus on ethics that reflect on the quality of life. But at the same time they were different in relation to the environment and the needs of the people […]

31st of October 2013

Be Good to Your Parents

Increase the Length of Your Life: Be Good to Your Parents Brothers and Sisters, My message to you in this edition of our monthly newsletter is a topic that is an emotional one for many people. Unlike some western societies and cultures that propagate the belief that parents are a burden on the individual’s sense […]

2nd of October 2013

Sharia and Lifting Strain

  Sharia and Lifting Strain Allah (SW) brought down revelation and initiated rulings to protect the human race and to match their needs in harmony with their natural inclination (Fitra) by lifting any strain and bringing ease into Sharia. Allah (SW) said: {God does not wish to place any strain upon you. Rather, He intends […]

19th of August 2013

Back to School

Back to School by Sh. Jamal Said Beginnings are times filled with promise and possibility. As summer melts into the fall, our families arrange for the beginning of the school year. During this transitional time students prepare to move to higher grade levels, schools, and new stages of life. Parents offer what support they can […]

11th of June 2013

Struggling With Hijab

Struggling With Hijab Understanding the struggle Hijab is an issue of faith, and with faith comes struggles, tests and trials. Allah (SW) said: “Do people think that they will be left [simply] to say: We believe! And they will not be put to the test?” 29:2 Many Muslim sisters will feel the hardship of living […]

10th of June 2013

Rulings of Permissibility to Break Fast

Rulings of Permissibility to Break Fast by Sh. Kifah Mustapha Travelers: Travelers have the permission to break their fast and should make up the missed days after Ramadan. Allah said: {yet if one among you is sick or is on a journey [such a person shall then fast] the same number of other days} 2:185. […]

Blessed Ramadan – the Fasting Month

Blessed Ramadan – the Fasting Month by Sh. Kifah Mustapha Introduction: Ramadan is the ninth month in our lunar calendar. The origin of this word is (Ra-ma-doo رَمَضُ) which means in the Arabic language: “intense or extreme heat.”[1] “When the names of months were copied from the old language, it coincided that Ramadan was in […]

4th of June 2013

Let Summer Count For You, Not Against You

Let Summer Count for You, Not Against You Every year, a discussion arises among families, friends, neighbors, and the community about the different ways to spend summer vacation. It is important for us to engage in these discussions and plan ahead so that summer time can be a time for both relaxation and productivity. It […]