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My Beloved Son

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Imam Messages

11th of January 2019

My Beloved Son

Brothers and sisters, this month’s message to you is one that was given many centuries ago by a father to his son. Oftentimes Muslims study the first verses of the passage depicting the dialogue between Luqman (A) and his son without paying close attention to the second part of advice he offers his son. Thus, […]

Essential Disciplines for Spiritual Maturity

                          (1)   Brokenness and Breakthrough: Once upon a time, the different kinds of birds gathered in order to select a king to rule over them. They agreed that the phoenix, that lived far away, was the bird that truly deserved to be the king. […]

Jerusalem, Trump and Deliberate Deceptions

  As Donald Trump won the American presidential elections, Heiko Maas, the German Federal minister of Justice and Consumer Protection noted: “Die Welt wird nicht untergehen, sie wird nur noch verrückter” (The world is not going to vanish, but it will get crazier). As Trump’s administration acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017, […]

Beauty as Revelation

  How Beauty Defies Atheism and Ignites Faith Who created the heavens and the earth and sent down, for you, from the sky, water with which We grow gardens of joyous beauty which you could not [otherwise] have grown their trees? Is there another god beside God? No! But they are people who ascribe equals […]

How to Revive Your Prayer, Part Five

  Improve Your Mental Preparation What is the part that, if missed, will turn your prayer into a series of mumbled words and machine-like movements? Definitely, it is Munajah (intimate conversation with Allah U) that I covered in the first part of this series on reviving our prayers. For this Munajah to be present and […]

14th of December 2018


            As Muslims, it is incumbent upon us to make every effort to meet each life transition we embark on with careful consideration and preparation relying first and foremost on Allah (SWT) and the guidance He has provided us in His Book and the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger, Muhammad (S). In light of what […]

The Power of Gratitude: Part1

In his magnificent, spacious palace, Harun al-Rasheed was sitting with Ibn al-Sammak, one of the most pious scholars of his time. Suddenly, Harun felt thirsty and asked one of his servants to bring him a cup of water which was immediately brought to Harun al-Rasheed. As Harun was about to drink, Ibn al-Sammak wanted to […]

11th of December 2018

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran Brothers and Sisters, Let us take this opportunity to reflect on a single verse from the Book of Allah. He (SWT) states in Surat An-Nahal, “Indeed, Allah orders justice and kindness and giving to relatives and forbids shameful acts and evil deeds and transgression. He admonishes you that […]

Mind Your Own Business!

“A good practicing Muslim,” is a phrase we usually hear in many Muslim circles. However, the question is what usually comes to our minds when we hear this phrase? Many people may typically visualize images of consistent prayers, fasting, charity, Quranic recitations …etc. There is no doubt that such acts are great ingredients for our […]

11th of May 2018

From Arabic into Latin

From Arabic into Latin How the Muslim Civilization Shaped the Renaissance In his speech on “Islam and the West” at Oxford University in 1993, Prince Charles observes: “If there is much misunderstanding in the West about the nature of Islam, there is also much ignorance about the debt our own culture and civilization owe to […]