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The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran

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11th of December 2018

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran Brothers and Sisters, Let us take this opportunity to reflect on a single verse from the Book of Allah. He (SWT) states in Surat An-Nahal, “Indeed, Allah orders justice and kindness and giving to relatives and forbids shameful acts and evil deeds and transgression. He admonishes you that […]

Mind Your Own Business!

“A good practicing Muslim,” is a phrase we usually hear in many Muslim circles. However, the question is what usually comes to our minds when we hear this phrase? Many people may typically visualize images of consistent prayers, fasting, charity, Quranic recitations …etc. There is no doubt that such acts are great ingredients for our […]

11th of May 2018

From Arabic into Latin

From Arabic into Latin How the Muslim Civilization Shaped the Renaissance In his speech on “Islam and the West” at Oxford University in 1993, Prince Charles observes: “If there is much misunderstanding in the West about the nature of Islam, there is also much ignorance about the debt our own culture and civilization owe to […]

When Islam Was a Model of Tolerance for Europe

            “Let the Muslim be my master in outward things rather than the Latin dominate me in matters of the spirit. For if I am subject to the Muslim, at least he will not force me to share his faith. But if I have to be under Frankish rule and united with the Roman Church, […]

A Life of Trivialities

  A Life of Trivialities Brothers and Sisters, Allah (SWT) states, “Know that the life of this world is but a play, a passing delight, a beautiful show, a cause of boasting among you and quest for more riches and children. It is like the rain that causes the plants to grow, and this gives delight […]

Keys to Enliven Your Salah, Part 6

Understanding Sujud (Prostration To revive our prayer, we need to recognize the spiritual and moral implications of what we do and say during Salah. Failing to recognize the meaning of what we say and do will turn our Salah into a series of machine-like movements that do not lead to spiritual maturity or moral growth. […]

Keys to Enliven Your Salah, Part 4

Creating a Quiet Environment  As I was visiting a patient in hospital, the afternoon prayer was due. Praying close to one of the corners of the room, I was interrupted by a nurse giving her instructions to the patient in a fairly loud voice. Noticing that I was praying, she regretfully kept apologizing and kindly […]

Keys to Enliven Your Salah, Part Three

Observing how Muslims offer their Salah, one can easily notice that they correctly stand, bow, prostrate and sit. However, some may miss an essential part of prayer, without which Salah is not valid; that is, “Tuma’neenah.” What is “Tuma’neenah”? It basically means praying so calmly that you do not connect two movements together and that […]

Keys to Enliven Your Salah, Part 2

In the first section, we recognized the concept of Munajah (intimate conversations) with Allah U and how it permeated throughout the Prophet’s Salah. In this section, we will learn, through the recitation of al-Fatihah, that Salah is not one way conversation; rather, it is an actual conversation between us and Allah U. Abu Hurayrahtsaid: I […]

Keys to Enliven Your Salah, Part 1

  Have you ever felt that your performance in salat was reduced to mumbled words? Or that mindfulness and connectedness was absent during your prayer? Well, you are not alone! Many people express the same concerns and desire to experience more meaningfulness during salat which supports their spiritual growth. The goal of this series is […]