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Heaven (Part 1)

Friday Prayers will be at 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm…May Allah accept your worship.


30th of May 2013

Heaven (Part 1)

Heaven (Part 1) Understanding Heaven Heaven is the residence of luxury where Allah (SW) from His mercy rewards His servants on the Day of Judgment.  Many names were mentioned in the Quran about Heaven, including the following: Al Husna; Allah (SW) said, “And to each, God has promised great goodness” 4:95. Al Ghurfa; Allah (SW) […]

Welcoming a Generous Guest

Welcoming a Generous Guest Only several weeks ago, the Masjid was overflowing with those seeking to benefit from the blessed month of Ramadan, worshipping Allah through prayer, fasting, and offering charity and good works. Allah (SWT), through His vast generosity, has blessed His servants with yet another opportunity to gain His mercy and forgiveness. In […]

Muslims and Illness

Muslims and Illness The Spiritual Understanding: Muslims believe that their main purpose in life is to worship God at all times. Allah said: {and [know that] I have not created [either] jinn or human beings but to [know and] worship Me [alone]} 51:56. God promised His servants that if they connect to Him during times […]

The Last Prophet of Islam: Dearer to Us Than Our Own Souls

The Last Prophet of Allah, Dearer to Us Than Our Own Souls Brothers and sisters, I remind you and remind myself that it was during this time that the human who deserves our utmost loyalty, devotion, and love was born. Though we do not celebrate his birth, as he (S) taught us not to, we […]

Understanding the Term “Haram” or Forbidden Part 1

Understanding the Term “Haram” or Forbidden  Part One Looking at the way our community uses the term “Haram”, we cannot ignore that there is a sort of abuse in the use of the term. The abuse comes in two forms. One is that some people throw this term at anything they consider improper in their […]

Understanding the Term “Haram” or Forbidden Part 2

Understanding the Term “Haram” or Forbidden  (Part Two) No need for unlawful matters There are enough permissible or “halal” things to substitute for unlawful ones. This is a concept that should rest in the heart of every believer. All that God declared unlawful was substituted by the presence of something which is healthy, lawful and […]

13th of January 2013

Pilgrimmage (Hajj)

Pilgrimmage (Hajj) – The Journey of a Lifetime The annual pilgrimage to Makkah – the Hajj – is an obligation only for those who are physically and financially able to perform it. Nevertheless, about two million people go to Makkah each year from every corner of the globe, providing a unique opportunity for those of […]