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30 Years of English-Speaking Women’s Sunday Class


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8th of April 2019

30 Years of English-Speaking Women’s Sunday Class

As one of the longest-running programs at the Mosque Foundation, the English Speaking Women’s Class on Sundays has been going on for nearly 30 years. The Mosque Foundation welcomes women, especially those with English as their native language, to attend this free Sunday afternoon class on the second floor of the Masjid, from 11:30 until […]

Join the 30 Year Sisterhood Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm, women of all ages are welcome to join a free, one hour class with Um al-Bara. The class is conducted in Arabic in the women’s section of the Masjid. As one of the longest-running programs, this class has been taking place year-round for over 30 years to benefit women […]

25th of March 2019

Seeking Shade Welcomes You

Seeking Shade is a monthly program aimed for young adults and English-speakers in the community. The program is held on the first Saturday of every month at the Mosque Foundation and takes place for an hour before or after the ‘Isha prayer, depending on the season. Seeking Shade offers a platform for young adults to […]

Women’s Tuesday Halaqa

Every Tuesday from 12 noon until 1:00 pm, women from all ages are welcome to attend a halaqa at the Mosque Foundation. Halaqa, in Islamic terminology, is a religious gathering for the study of Islam and the Quran.  The Tuesday halaqa is lead and attended by women. The halaqa takes place in the Women’s section […]