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Honesty: A Supreme Virtue

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14th of December 2018

Honesty: A Supreme Virtue

Honesty: A Supreme Virtue Honesty is a supreme quality carried by only those prepared to leave an impression on humanity. Prophet Muhammad (S), as his brother messengers and those who followed them in righteousness, stood for truth with little regard for its popularity or convenience. In fact, Prophet Muhammad (S) was known as the honest […]


            As Muslims, it is incumbent upon us to make every effort to meet each life transition we embark on with careful consideration and preparation relying first and foremost on Allah (SWT) and the guidance He has provided us in His Book and the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger, Muhammad (S). In light of what […]

11th of December 2018

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran Brothers and Sisters, Let us take this opportunity to reflect on a single verse from the Book of Allah. He (SWT) states in Surat An-Nahal, “Indeed, Allah orders justice and kindness and giving to relatives and forbids shameful acts and evil deeds and transgression. He admonishes you that […]

Mind Your Own Business!

  “A good practicing Muslim,” is a phrase we usually hear in many Muslim circles. However, the question is what usually comes to our minds when we hear this phrase? Many people may typically visualize images of consistent prayers, fasting, charity, Quranic recitations …etc. There is no doubt that such acts are great ingredients for […]

My Beloved Son

Brothers and sisters, this month’s message to you is one that was given many centuries ago by a father to his son. Oftentimes Muslims study the first verses of the passage depicting the dialogue between Luqman (A) and his son without paying close attention to the second part of advice he offers his son. Thus, […]

11th of May 2018

Keys to Enliven Your Salah, Part 1

    Have you ever felt that your performance in salat was reduced to mumbled words? Or that mindfulness and connectedness was absent during your prayer? Well, you are not alone! Many people express the same concerns and desire to experience more meaningfulness during salat which supports their spiritual growth. The goal of this series […]

10th of May 2018

O Allah, Make Us Among the Mossaddiqeen

O Allah, Make Us Among the Mossaddiqeen There are many windows of opportunities in this life, especially placed by Allah (SWT), to purify our souls and gain forgiveness for our sins. These opportunities are open to every single believing individual, young and old, poor and wealthy, ill and healthy, educated and illiterate, it matters not. […]

22nd of May 2017

About Surat Al-Fatiha

About Surat Al-Fatiha By far, the most recited verses of the Quran comprise its first sura (or chapter) called al-Fâtiha. Practicing or not, saints or skeptics, Muslims around the world know this sura. They will cup their hands in its group recitation for all sorts of events, from weddings to funerals, and early on in […]

1st of November 2014

The Power of Gratitude (2)

  Many of us have frequently exclaimed: “al-hamdulillah!” (Praise and thanks are due to Allah)following something good that happened in our life. Is this the only way gratitude is supposed to be expressed? Do feel grateful only for the good? If the answer is “yes,” then we have a very narrow meaning of gratitude? Anyone […]

No Fear, No Wall

  “No Fear, No Wall” The Need for having Hope and Building Bridges    Last month was very eventful. The U.S. President signed an executive order preventing travelers and refugees from 7 majority-Muslim countries, with the exception of minorities under persecution, from entering the United States. Regardless of the legal wording of the order, many […]