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Purchase Cemetery Plots for Future Use of Family Members

According to Illinois state law , all daily prayer including Friday Prayers will be suspended till further notice.

Cemetery Plots.

9th of May 2019

Purchase Cemetery Plots for Future Use of Family Members

On behalf of the Muslim community, the Mosque Foundation has contracted for 2,000 cemetery plots at Mt. Vernon Cemetery, 11875 Archer Road in Lemont. This cemetery is only 11 miles away from the Masjid. Plots will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and must be paid in full at $600 each. Upon […]

1st of May 2019

Ramadan Programs

30th of April 2018

Ramadan: A Time to Attain Taqwa

Ramadan: A Time to Attain Taqwa by Sh. Jamal Said Dear Brothers and Sisters, Allah’s favor has descended upon us as He has selected us to witness His month this year. Its days are the best of all days, nights the best of all nights, and hours the best of all hours. Mere breathing and […]

Fasting and Spiritual Maturity

          Fasting is not starvation; it is a spiritual discipline that awakens our Fitrah, or natural disposition towards God, and keeps in check different negative traits of our human ego. Thereby, through mindful fasting, our souls are able to transform from a soul that has become accustomed to evil tendencies to […]