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5 Before 5



8th of April 2019

5 Before 5

By: Salem Abuammer The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) loves his followers so much that he gave us many pieces of advice to make our lives more fulfilling and devoted to Allah. From among his advice to us is to get the benefit of five before five: Youth before old age. When we are young, we have […]

26th of March 2019

The 10 Mubashareen

The 10 Mubashareen By: Ibrahim Salah Abdur-Rahman bin ‘Awf narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) gave the glad tiding that the following ten companions are in Paradise. These faithful companions earned this high rank due to their diligence and unwavering loyalty to Islam. Learn about each one of them and aim to follow in […]

11th of December 2018

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran

The Most Comprehensive Verse in the Quran Brothers and Sisters, Let us take this opportunity to reflect on a single verse from the Book of Allah. He (SWT) states in Surat An-Nahal, “Indeed, Allah orders justice and kindness and giving to relatives and forbids shameful acts and evil deeds and transgression. He admonishes you that […]

23rd of May 2018

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Visit

The Mosque Foundation was honored to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Professor Nauman Kurtulmus for Jum’ah Prayer on Friday, September 2, 2016. The Prime Minister delivered a short message to Friday congregants on the latest developments in his home country. His excellency and accompanying delegation met the Foundation’s President, Brother Oussama Jammal and […]

So, What is the Purpose of Interfaith Dialogue Anyway?

I am often asked and unfortunately also criticized for dedicating so much time and effort to Interfaith Dialogue (IFD) and activity so it makes me happy to present to you some statements I have written in the past about IFD and why I think it is essential for every American Muslim community to dedicate time, […]

Mosque Foundation Interfaith Activities Growing

The Mosque Foundation Interfaith activities are growing. We encourage you to participate in these activities as observers or get more involved and join the team. We’ve already shared details that in this past year the MF Interfaith’s regular dialogues have continued to grow in Bridgeview, Oak Lawn, and surrounding suburbs. The dialogue with the Oak […]

30th of April 2018

Ramadan – In the Footsteps of a Great Generation

Imam Malik, a great Muslim scholar, in fact, the Imam of one of the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, may Allah bestow mercy upon him, would seek permission to be excused following each of his lectures which were attended by hundreds of students to spend an hour of his time with the Companions of the […]

22nd of May 2017

What Medications are Allowed During Fasting?

What Medications are Allowed During Fasting? by Dr. Zaher Sahloul There is confusion among patients and physicians about which mediations can be used during fasting without breaking it. Even when consensus is reached among scholars, it takes a long time for Muslim physicians to learn about the rulings and inform their patients of what they […]

30th of September 2015

Active Interfaith Involvement of Mosque Foundation

The Mosque Foundation Interfaith Committee has been busy during this past spring and summer and it is gearing up for another year of activity and dialogue. We would love you to join in on the efforts of volunteering, dialogues, and advocating good community efforts in an interfaith forum –for women and men and youth community […]

7th of November 2014

Talk to Your Teen Seminar

 Talk to Your Teen   The MFCC was glad to host a free event for community parents on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Masjid. During the “Talk to Your Teen ” program, parents heard from a panel of speakers on challenges unique to Muslim teenagers as well as practical strategies for healthy communication between teens and their […]