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Fasting the Day of Ashura

Friday 12/04/2020. There will be only one Friday Prayer online at 12:00 PM on Mosque Foundation Facebook Page


12th of August 2020

Fasting the Day of Ashura

  Ashura 2020 is on Saturday, the 29th of August. ‘Ashura’ commemorates the day that Allah saved the Children of Israel from Pharaoh. Fasting on the tenth of Muharram, also known as the ‘Day of Ashura,’ expiates the sins of the past year. When the Prophet ﷺ arrived in Madinah in 622 CE, he found […]

8th of August 2020

Start the New Year with Good Deeds

In the passage of time, there lies great mystery and miracle. Allah ﷻ says, “Behold! In the creation of heavens and earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding” (Quran 3:190). We ask Allah ﷻ to make us among those of His servants who awaken themselves from […]

15th of July 2020

The 10 Blessed Days of Thul-Hijjah

The first ten days of Thul-Hijjah are the days of Hajj. These days include the Day of Arafah, the peak of the Hajj pilgrimage. The mountain and plain of Arafah are the focal points where pilgrims gather. Such a mammoth gathering of Muslims supplicating to Allah is bound to have profound effects on the whole […]

1st of July 2020


Zakat: The Third Pillar of Islam  Introduction with answers to 15 frequently asked questions One of the most important principles of Islam is that all things belong to God, and human beings hold wealth in trust. The word Zakat means both ‘purification’ and ‘growth.’ Our possessions are purified by setting aside a portion for those […]

10th of June 2020

Ramadan, the Believer’s Fortress

Ramadan, the Believer’s Fortress by Sh. Jamal Said I pray that Allah blesses each of you with the best of the blessed month of Ramadan. It is a month of remembrance and reflection, a time for renewed faith and spiritual elevation. We are fortunate to witness the coming of the month, and I pray that […]

5th of June 2020

Virtues of Fasting Six Days in Shawwâl

Abû Ayyûb al-Ansârî relates that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) says: “Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days of fasting in the month of Shawwâl, it will be as if he had fasted the year through.” [Sahîh Muslim (1163)] The month of Shawwâl is singled out for the […]

22nd of May 2020

Virtues of Thul-Hijjah and Meaning of Udhiya

As the sacred month of Thul-Hijjah begins, it’s worth remembering the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, “No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on the first ten days of Thul-Hijjah.” When the companions asked: “Not even Jihad?” the Prophet ﷺ replied: “Not even Jihad, except that of a man who […]

21st of May 2020

Have a True Green Ramadan

We are blessed to welcome Ramadan again this year. It is a time for fasting, spiritual fulfillment, emotional rebalancing, mental reflection and physical purification. Ramadan is the ideal time for balancing the spirit, the mind and the body. Fasting is a universal exercise of patience, self-control and altruism, but it is only one among many […]

5th of May 2020

The Mosque Foundation During the COVID-19 Crisis

The Mosque Foundation During the COVID-19 Crisis Respected Community Members, Assalamu Alaikum The Mosque Foundation is rising to the challenges we are facing by offering religious, educational, and social-emotional programming. Conducting our Al-Siddiq and MFCC weekend classes online, in addition to the Quran memorization program—hundreds of students continue to learn Livestream DAILY programs throughout Ramadan […]

22nd of April 2020

Fiqh of Fasting and Pillars of Fasting

Fiqh of Fasting Pillars of Fasting First Pillar: Abstention from everything that invalidates the fast from dawn until sunset. Allah, the Exalted, says: “… and eat and drink until the white thread (light) of dawn appears to you distinct from the black thread (the darkness of the night), then complete your fast till the nightfall” […]