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A Priceless Treasure

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A Priceless Treasure

Reflections of Youth

 A Priceless Journey’s Treasure

by Khadija Snowber,  Aqsa School

I’d search the stormy seas and harshest of oceans to find a person with humility, 
Someone who takes care of themselves,
Who lives simply for the sake of Allah (SWAT)
A person who never places himself on a pedestal
Higher than any other man
A person who would look around and be grateful for what he has been given
A modest life
A simple wardrobe
A simple home filled with less materialistic things
A person who carries himself with dignity and walks with modest steps of confidence
But would never take pride in himself and walk in strides of arrogance
A person who would put his life on the first line of defense
Of a bloody battle
To never say a word of his status or nobility
Is a true man full of the Allah’s (SWAT) Gift of humility
A heart that is salimah
Content within itself
No need for the luxury of this life
Nor its pettiness of its wealth
A heart not spotted with the dark spots of arrogance
For a person with an atom weight will never even set a single foot past Jannah’s Fences
A person who cries when the name of Allah (SWAT) is mentioned
A person with integrity and not afraid to admit his faults
A person who wouldn’t judge or claim to know it all
A person whose hand is willing to stretch in the deepest depths of his pockets
And never let his left hand know what his right hand has distributed
A heart filled with iman, wisdom, and humility
Fashions a person’s words, actions, and all aspects of his humanity
So, I’ll search the darkest of seas
In the harshest of winds
The coldest of days
Past the hot scorching sand storms
Just to find a person
With an ounce of humility in his heart
At least with the seeds embedded from the start
As long as it’s watered and cared for it can manifest into a mine of gold
A gold like a treasure with its value to uphold