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40 Distinguished Years with a Great Community

First friday prayer is at 12:00 pm . second friday prayer is at 1:30

40 Distinguished Years with a Great Community

Forty years ago, the Mosque Foundation opened its doors and welcomed you, our great community. Today we stand together, stronger, more advanced, compassionate, productive, and resilient. When we look back at our humble beginnings, only a handful of worshippers, to our now grand community serving over 50,000 people, we must first bow down to our Creator, the Almighty, and thank Him for bestowing this blessing upon us. Secondly, we thank each of you for playing a crucial role in the Mosque Foundation’s growth and success. 

Not only have you helped the Masjid become a leading source of knowledge and premier house of worship, but you have also supported the birth of many other institutions in our neighboring areas and across the nation. From summer programs to weekend and full-time schools, other Masajid, community centers, food pantries—the list goes on testifying to your benevolence.

It is truly the honor and privilege of the Mosque Foundation to be at the forefront of the endeavor to spread the true message of Islam among our Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors. 

Along the 40-year journey, there have been many challenges, setbacks, and mistakes, but together we stood firm and overcame these difficulties. For the Mosque Foundation to continue progressing without losing our core Islamic principles and respond to the new challenges that await, we must maintain our connection with Allah ﷻ and with each other, and especially with those who reach out to us for assistance. We are always stronger together. 

As we commemorate the 40th year of the establishment of this Masjid, we must not forget to look back and thank our founding families, countless volunteers, elected board members, and staff for all their work and sacrifice to bring this Masjid from a dream to a reality. With Allah’s guidance first, and your constant involvement, advice, and support, our community will continue to advance and pass on the legacy to our next generation of Muslim leaders. 

President & Chairman of the Board

Oussama Jammal

Principal Imam & Director

Sh. Jamal Said