Mosque Foundation Fundraising Dinner Exceeds Expectations

On October 28, 2018, we hosted our annual fundraising dinner at Drury Lane, where 570 people attended, including imams from neighboring masajid, as well as community leaders. With the blessings of Allah, and the generosity of community members, we raised $865,300 in donations and pledges. Our Principal Imam and Director, Sh. Jamal Said, and Imam Ahmed Arafat oversaw the fundraising. With this support, The Mosque Foundation will continue to thrive as a pillar for the entire community offering religious, educational, and social services.

Ibrahim Salah, who has the entire Quran memorized, opened the night with a beautiful recitation of a few verses. President Oussama Jammal gave the opening remarks, encouraging community members to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections and voice their opinions during this trying time in our country. He also expressed sympathy for the victims of the senseless shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue. Sh. Ali Mashhour, who was recently hired as an Assistant Imam, served as the master of ceremonies. Guests watched a video presentation highlighting the masjid’s recent developments, entered a chance to win from among several raffle prizes, and enjoyed the social gathering and dinner.

The program also included a community service award ceremony for three exemplary youth volunteers in the Mosque Foundation Community: Mahmoud Shalabi, Ayuob Salem, and Ruba Akel. We wish them continued success in the future.

We are grateful to Allah for granting us the opportunity to serve Him and the community. We are also grateful to you, our gracious community members. After the help and tawfeek of Allah, if not for your continued support—whether by generously donating, attending events, or sincerely making du’a—we would not have the masjid we have today. May Allah reward you every time someone benefits from the masjid and may He allow your support to be a source of shade for you on the Day of Judgement.